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Welcome to Cochrane Consumers and Communication. We work with Cochrane to produce systematic reviews. 

What are systematic reviews?

Systematic reviews help make sense of many kinds of data. They are a way of summarising the results from all the research that exists about a particular question in an objective, transparent and systematic way.

Video: What are systematic reviews?

Watch this short 3 minute video which explains what systematic reviews are and how they work:

This video was prepared by Cochrane Consumers and Communication, La Trobe University and generously supported by Cochrane Australia. Written by Jack Nunn and Sophie Hill. 

Download the video here or watch it on YouTube :  https://youtu.be/egJlW4vkb1Y

We created an animated storyboard as an alternative and more accessible way to explore the video ‘What are systematic reviews?

Explore the animated storyboard here. 

Download the transcript as a PDF or in other formats


We have designed some infographics to explain what systematic reviews are and how they work.  You can explore all of the infographics here