Scope of our work

Cochrane Consumers and Communication is part of Cochrane, an international, independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of healthcare readily available worldwide. Cochrane reviews have become internationally known as the pre-eminent rigorous quality standard for systematic reviews. These are published online at the  Cochrane Library

Cochrane Consumers and Communication coordinates the preparation and publication of systematic reviews of interventions that affect the way people interact with healthcare professionals, services and researchers. The Group is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, and the National Health and Medical Research Council. 

Our reviews fall into six categories:

  • Interventions directed to the consumer
  • Interventions from the consumer
  • Interventions for communication exchange between providers and consumers
  • Interventions for communication between consumers
  • Interventions for communication to the healthcare provider from another source
  • Service delivery interventions

See our topic list (PDF 140KB) for more information about our  Group's scope.