Peer reviewers

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all peer reviewers. Cochrane Consumers and Communication involves external clinical peer reviewers and consumer reviewers in the assessment of all protocols and reviews before publication. The following people have contributed to the peer review process for our reviews in 2018:

Clinical reviewers:


Lisa Amir, John Carson, Jane Farmer, Jessica Kaufman, Susan Lee, Melissa Murano, Elisha Riggs, Gabrielle Williams, Jane Yelland

Hong Kong

Joseph Ng

South Africa

Ruth Stewart


Andrew Booth, Karen Burnell, Jane Noyes, Sandy Oliver, David Salisbury, Kristy Sanderson


Kristen Feemster, Karen M Goldstein, Celia Wills

Consumer reviewers:


Jeanine Hourani, Chido Mwaturura


Vijayluxmi Bose

South Africa

Maria Belizan


Phyll Buchanan, Stella Fairbairn

We also wish to acknowledge peer reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.