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A new chapter for Cochrane

Cochrane has embarked on an important change programme to transform the way we produce the high-quality, independent and timely evidence. The new model is designed to ensure Cochrane remains viable, sustainable, and focused on the greatest global health and care challenges now and into the future. As part of the new model we are implementing a Central Editorial Service to streamline the editorial process.

We are very grateful to everyone who contributes their time and expertise to Cochrane Consumers and Communication. We encourage you to look out for further communications about Cochrane's plans for the future and new opportunities to get involved. You can stay connected by:

Tools, templates and checklists

NEW: We have recently published an open access article about our author resources.

Title proposal stage

Cochrane invites prospective authors to propose new Cochrane Reviews by submitting a proposal in Editorial Manager. Please see the Cochrane Library information for authors for further details.

Before deciding whether you should apply to register a title, please see the following resources:

Authors may also like to consult our Topic list (PDF 120 KB) and the methodological guides listed below

Protocol stage

Review stage

Dissemation stage

Update stage

Methodological guides for review authors

Authors please note: Selected updated chapters of the Cochrane Handbook are now available. Please use these updated versions where chapters are referred in any of the CCCG resource documents below.

Intervention and outcome taxonomies