NEW RESOURCE: Implementation considerations for Cochrane Reviews on mHealth

Health workers and health systems increasingly use mobile phones and tablets to organise health care, provide services and communicate with clients, patients and the publicĀ (often referred to as 'mHealth'). The use of mHealth may be particularly relevant in situations where it is difficult for people to meetĀ  face-to-face, such as during pandemics.

Cochrane has prepared a series of reviews about mHealth strategies. Two of these reviews have been used to develop evidence summaries which include key questions for implementers wanting to increase the use of mHealth strategies in primary care or targeted client, patient or general public communications.

The mHealth reviews were also used to support the recent WHO Guidelines on digital health.

Links to both evidence summaries and the full reviews can be found on the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) website.